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8 Travel Experiences You Don’t Want to Miss

This week we have a guest post by Dr. Summit Shah from Columbus, Ohio.  He specializes in travel photography and you can check out his work at

The Traveling Experience

Traveling is a once in a lifetime experience, and there are amazing places throughout the world to visit. The differences in cultures, architecture, people, food, scenery and climate are intriguing, and many places are breathtaking. Once most people take their first trip, they cannot resist visiting more regions and having new experiences. Although almost every possible destination has its own charm, there are eight experience that should not be missed.

#1  The Northern Lights in Iceland


There is nothing quite like viewing the Northern Lights of Iceland, and this in itself is an excellent reason to visit. This is one of the best light shows nature has ever presented. When it is completely dark, the viewing is optimal, and the lights are spectacular. From September until the middle of April, the nights in Iceland are always guaranteed to be dark, and this is the perfect time for a visit to a beautiful country. The trip is best planned for about a week because although the Northern Lights will remain active for two or three nights at a time, they will also disappear for four or five.

#2  Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro


Anyone who has ever had the desire to climb a mountain should scale Mount Kilimanjaro. This is the world’s biggest free-standing mountain, and presents travelers with the ultimate adventure. Africa is a fantastic destination, but the majestic views from the accessible summits are beyond words. Many individuals have climbed this mountain without being spectacular athletes. All that is necessary is a lot of determination, the right gear for the climb, and the desire to have an adventure.

#3  The Solo Adventure


Traveling with either family or friends can be fun, but once you have traveled by yourself, it will change your life. You learn how to be self-reliant, and will find you talk to the other travelers and locals a lot more. You can always take your first trip somewhere close to home, but eventually you must go abroad. There are so many destinations to choose from, the people are incredible, the destinations beautiful, and you will enjoy the differences in tastes, music, atmosphere and culture. Find customized guided tours that will match any traveler’s dream or desire at

#4  Highway One in California


Highway One runs alongside the Pacific Ocean in California, and everyone should experience this drive. You can begin in either Southern or Northern California, have delicious dinners at roadside diners, and the coastal view is absolutely stunning. Watching the water cascade over the rocks, catching the occasional waterfall, and breathing the fresh, clean air make this drive unforgettable. You can even rent a convertible to heighten the effect.

#5  The Delicacies of Japan


When most people think about Japanese food, they conjure images of ramen, sushi, bento boxes and udon, but this barely scratches the surface. The Japanese consider food to be an art form, and each cook chooses a specific dish. It takes decades to perfect the dish, and the results are tantalizing. Tsukiji’s Fish Market is famous for their fresh sashimi, and a traditional multiple course Japanese meal is available at kaiseki. The aromas are an enticing as the food is delicious, and Japan should be included on your travel destinations.

#6  The Blue Hole of Belize


Finding a beautiful destination to go snorkeling is not difficult, but the Blue Hole of Belize is also unique. The name of this natural phenomena comes from a blue circle, and a hole beneath the surface of the water is responsible for its creation. The snorkeling is best in the perimeter’s shallow waters, and the experience will stay with you for your entire life.

#7  The City That Spans Two Continents


Istanbul is an impressive city, and is located in both Europe and Asia. The city has everything you could desire including history, culture, food and a vibrant nightlife. The Ottoman Empire’s old traditions blend seamlessly with the pursuits of modern society. There is so much to see here, and the Istanbul is so extensive, you should stay for a minimum of a week.

#8  The Best of Tanzania


There are sixteen game parks in Tanzania, and the Serengeti is included. There is no better place to see the wildlife of Africa. You will see African leopards, Cape buffalo, black and white rhino’s, African elephants and so much more. It can be exciting seeing these animals in movies, but the experience is completely different when these majestic creatures are only feet away.

The Ultimate Vacation

Every destination you choose to visit will offer you something different. The world is inspiring, and the experiences available should not be missed. Most people already have an idea of where they would like to visit, and the best advice is to start packing your bags.

Dr. Summit Shah has always been passionate regarding allergies, which is why he is a well known speaker at seminars, and publishes exceptional articles. He is considered an expert regarding food allergies, and provides medical advice to some of the most prestigious groups in Columbus.

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