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A Visit to B&H

A Quick Video Tour of B&H Photo’s New York City Superstore

I frequently tell others that are interested in photography that they need to visit B&H Photo’s store in New York City. I personally do not go anywhere near New York without visiting it.  Why? Well, start with the fact that this has to be the world’s largest photography store. I don’t actually know that to be the case, but I cannot imaging there is one larger than B&H.

But that’s not all. There are other aspects of this place that make it really interesting:

  • B&H is run by Hasidic Jews. Perhaps if you live in New York, you are used to seeing people dress and wear their hair/beards like this, but we don’t see them much in Texas. The people-watching alone is interesting. Speaking of their Jewish faith, do not try to go Friday evening or on Saturday – the store will be closed (as will the website!)
  • The mechanization employed by this place is crazy. I included a few shots of the conveyor system they use to get the product from the sales person down to the checkout lines (you don’t get to take it with you – you receive your product after you pay for it).
  • And, like I already said, it is huge. They have everything imaginable related to photography.

Rather than go on and on about it, I decided to try to show you. I took some video where I was there this year. Here is my quick video tour of B&H (running time of approximately 2 minutes):

Going to the B&H store is especially great if you want to buy something like a tripod or a camera bag. In other words, it is nice to be able to hold different models in your hand and see how they feel. For example, your in-town camera shop may have 20-30 tripods if you are lucky. B&H has hundreds.


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  • claire hintze

    Great video of B&H. That is an unbelievable system they have at the (one of the many) check out counters. Will definitely have to check it out next time I’m on the east coast. Really enjoy your articles also. Have been processing my photos only with iPhoto for many years, and want to learn LR for post processing. The article about HDR was very helpful and informative. Have not yet tried HDR, but do like the effect on a lot of the photos I’ve seen. It’s wonderful when not overdone. Thanks for your insight into the world of photography!

    • Thanks Claire! Yes, I’ve never seen a checkout system like theirs. I remember the first time I went there I was somewhat bewildered by the whole thing. And thanks for the kinds words. Appreciate it!

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