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About the Examples

Many years ago the world famous photographer Ansel Adams wrote a book called Examples: The Making of 40 Photographs. In addition to being one of the greatest photographers in the world (or perhaps the greatest), Ansel Adams taught photography as well. He had already written books about the principles of photography. Examples was his attempt to take those principles and allow others to see them in action. It also gave people a behind the scenes view of the making of his premier photographs. It provided technical details as well as his thought process and how he came to be in the particular location.

Since my photographs are every bit as good as Ansel Adams’, I thought I would provide some examples as well.

OK, that was a joke and he is 10 times the photographer I will ever be. Nevertheless, we can learn from what he was doing when he wrote Examples. We can do the same thing and provide some concrete examples for you to see how to do certain things in photography.

I will show you the final product and then talk about such things as:

  • what settings were used
  • what I was trying to accomplish
  • the location of the shot
  • how I found the spot
  • what post-processing was done

And so on.

I am hoping that it will provide inspiration for you, help cement a certain things, and further the fun you have with photography.

In other words, I am not trying to hold these out as great examples that you should admire and copy. Just something to make the principles more concrete.

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