A Basic Lightroom Edit (Video)

If you are new to Lightroom or photo editing software in general, please check out this video.  It will show you how easy it is to use.


  1. Thanks Jim, I’ve had Lightroom 4 a couple of years now, but haven’t learned how to use it, and really have to admit I was a little intimidated by it, but you’ve given me the simple tools to go forward with some of my current pics to hopefully make them look much better. Thank you!!!

  2. That’s great. Thanks! I have been the beneficiary of this myself, where I am overwhelmed or intimidated by some technique, and then watch somebody do it and realize it is not that difficult. Good luck with your photos, although I am sure this will help.

  3. Hi Jim, I have Lightroom 5 and starting to get used to the develop modul. However, I do not understand HSL and in particular the Hue, Saturation and Luminance sections. With your image above how would you apply each heading? Hope that makes sense.
    David G

    1. If I understand you correctly, you are trying to figure out what the hue, saturation, and luminance headings do. If so, here is how it works:
      Hue is the shade, or actual color. By changing the sliders you are actually changing this color to something else.
      Saturation is how much color there is. By pulling that slider down, you are moving it more toward grey, and by pushing it up you are adding more color. Luminance is how bright or dark the color is. Pulling it to the left darkens that color; pushing to the right lightens it. I personally only use these sliders on about 20-30 percent of my pictures so i dont know how much you will use this. Hopefully this helps. If this doesn’t answer your question, let me know.

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