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The Color of the Sky

We all know the sky during the day is blue. We know that clouds are white (or grey). And we know that the sky can turn different shades of yellow and orange at night. But why? When you are photographing in the outdoors, the sky is such a huge part of your pictures that it […]

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A Little Cleanup Can Go a Long Way

About eight or nine months ago, I took this picture of a sheep in Ireland: I really liked the picture for a lot of reasons. First of all, it isn’t that often that you can catch a relatively close-up, frontal view of a sheep like that. It certainly isn’t unheard of, but I’ve been to […]

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Goal Setting in Photography

As I write this, we are in the final few days of 2016. As with the end of every year, we are all being bombarded with calls to set new goals for the coming year. Everybody talks about New Year’s resolutions, for example. If you follow any productivity or self-help resources, this is the time […]

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Do I Need to Learn Exposure?

You already know I’m going to say “yes”; but I think there is a little more to it than you might expect. I approach questions like this with a degree of caution. The reason is that I’ve seen answers from experts in other contexts go horribly wrong. For example, I’ve always been interested in sailing. […]

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A Visit to B&H

A Quick Video Tour of B&H Photo’s New York City Superstore I frequently tell others that are interested in photography that they need to visit B&H Photo’s store in New York City. I personally do not go anywhere near New York without visiting it.  Why? Well, start with the fact that this has to be […]

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Testing Cheap, Off-Brand Printer Ink

Have you ever seen ads for cheaper off-brand printer ink and wondered if you should try it out? If you are like me you have, but always chickened out. What if the ink is junk, or worse yet messes up my printer? As a result of that fear, I have always scurried back to the safety […]

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I Can Steal Your Photo in 10 Seconds and Here’s How

  I have good news and bad news. The bad news is that your photos are not safe online. I’m going to show you how they can be stolen, pretty much no matter what you do. The good news is that nobody really wants to steal your photos. Even unprotected, they are still pretty safe from […]

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How to Maximize Attraction to Your Photos

We all have trouble evaluating our own work as others will see it.  As we sit at our computers, we get to the point where we cannot see the forest for the trees.  Not only that, but if we do manage to decide what will attract someone’s eye, we need to decide what to do […]

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