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An Easy ISO strategy

A recent convert to manual mode recently asked about a simple way to think about which ISO to use. There are a lot of things that require mental energy when you are shooting, and the last thing you want to be devoting your brain-space to is the ISO setting.  So here is a way to […]

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How to Maximize Attraction to Your Photos

We all have trouble evaluating our own work as others will see it.  As we sit at our computers, we get to the point where we cannot see the forest for the trees.  Not only that, but if we do manage to decide what will attract someone’s eye, we need to decide what to do […]

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Should I Switch to Raw?

Nearly every expert photographer in the world will encourage you to shoot in your camera’s Raw format.  A Raw file is just a file created by your camera that does not compress the data or make any changes or improvements to the data that is captured.  I don’t disagree with the advice of these experts, and I […]

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