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Pier at Puerto Vallarta

  I am writing about this picture because I hope it will inspire you to keep looking when you are pretty sure you are destined for failure. I was down in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. If you haven’t been there, there is a lot of beach with heavy commercial development up and down the coast. This […]

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Editing the Giant’s Causeway Photo using Lightroom

In this video, I will walk through an edit of a recent photo. The point is to show you a few things: A quick edit without a lot of explanation (ok, there is some explanation – the video runs about 8 minutes, but the edit could be done in under a minute). A fairly typical scene where […]

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Bay Bridge

I want to use this picture as an example because it is a poster child for some of the research tips I have mentioned. I was just going to San Francisco for a one-day business trip. I thought I would have a chance to get away for the evening so I brought my camera. As I […]

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The Marina

I want to tell you a little bit about the background of this photo because I consider it a good example of making something out of nothing. Background I happened to be at a hotel on Table Rock Lake, outside of Branson, Missouri, called Château on the Lake. We were driving from our home in […]

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Moving Water with a Super-Fast Shutter Speed

Here is another example for you to use in your own photography. This photo is a shot of my daughter taken in my pool. It has a really cool water effect created by a super-fast shutter speed. Try this and I guarantee you will get a lot of great comments. The Settings I Used Here are the settings […]

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Westminster Bridge: Streaking Lights

This photo was taken on Westminster Bridge in London. You’ve probably seen plenty of these, and I have too, but I never get tired of them.  You can do these sorts of shots anywhere.  Since it is nighttime you don’t have to hope for the perfect light.  You just set up with a good background and then […]

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