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Which Camera Are the Best Photos Taken With?

  Let’s look at cameras in a little different way than usual. Normally, we all look at the specs and features of cameras and think about what pictures that camera is capable of creating. I’m not suggesting we should ordinarily do anything differently. But just for today, let’s look at things in reverse. Rather than […]

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Getting Started with Underwater Photography

I live over 300 miles from the nearest ocean. I do not scuba dive. I am only on or near ocean water on vacations. As such, I am unwilling to spend thousands of dollars getting set up to do underwater photography. That said, I am interested in it. I would like to have a camera capable of […]

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How Many Megapixels Do You Need?

If you are like me, you occasionally salivate over the new cameras coming out with high megapixel counts. I look at something like the new Canon 5DS and the Sony a7R2 with a combination of lust and envy. But then I think to myself, “What do I need all those megapixels for anyway?” I convince myself that […]

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How to Pick the Right SD Card

Once you buy a new camera and lens, the only thing you absolutely need is a memory card. As a result, choosing one of these cards is a subject all of us need to face at some point. It is sort of confusing because there are many different numbers on the face of these cards. What […]

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The Evil That Is Diffraction

You want to maximize the depth of field of your pictures. The obvious way to do that is to use the smallest sized aperture the lens will allow, right? You know that the smaller the aperture, the greater the depth of field. So why not just crank down the aperture all the way to f/22 (or whatever the […]

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Is Full-Frame Worth It?

Back in the days of film cameras, 35 mm film was pretty well ubiquitous. We all used it. It was called 35 mm film because each strip took exposures that were 35 mm wide. It was actually considered small film in its time, and most professional photographers used larger format film. When digital came along, […]

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The Best Low Light Performance Camera

An important feature to consider when purchasing a digital camera is how well it performs in a low-light situation. The question is: how much can you crank up the ISO setting on your camera and still have a good picture? Digital cameras allow you to set how sensitive your digital sensor is to light, and that […]

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Comparing the Dynamic Range of Digital Cameras

When Choosing a Camera, How do You Find its Dynamic Range? Dynamic range is one of the most important considerations for choosing a camera in the digital age. If you are not familiar with dynamic range, it is the range of tones that your camera can capture between pure white and pure black. The wider […]

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The First Thing to Look at When Buying a Digital Camera

No, it is not the number of megapixels.  Although that is important. Camera manufacturers have long understood that people look at megapixels first, and they have occasionally been guilty of cramming a bunch of megapixels in a camera without regard to other factors, including the one I want to talk about.  The result was cameras with lots of […]

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