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Which Photo Editing Software Should I Get?

One question you might have as you start your photographic journey is which photo editing software you should get.  For a long time now, Adobe has been at the top of the chain, with Photoshop and Lightroom dominating the market.  So complete was Adobe’s dominance, that others companies were content to market their software as mere […]

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Photoshop or Lightroom? Which To Start With

When you are starting out in photography, and want to get the best software to edit your photos, should you get Photoshop or Lightroom? This is a question a lot of people have, so I want to answer it directly. But before I do so, let me say that it is a false choice. There […]

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Comparison of Photo Software

When it comes to post processing software, you are definitely going to want to start with Adobe software, but even then there are a few different ways you can go. Which direction you start off in will depend on how much editing you plan to do, what organizational tools you plan to do, and how […]

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