Picking a Tripod (Video)

Most of the advice you hear in the photography world tends to push you into buying a super-expensive tripod.  Usually that means spending $1000 or more.  That seems excessive to me, and I think you can get an excellent tripod that will suit all your needs for much less.  I recommend something in the range… Continue reading Picking a Tripod (Video)

Should I Buy a Monopod?

This photo was taken from the top of Rockefeller Center in New York, where they DO NOT allow tripods, but they DO allow monopods.

A question I receive from time to time is whether it is worth it to buy a monopod. Many serious photographers use them, and they do provide support and stabilization while you are shooting. On the other hand, monopods limit your movements and do not provide anywhere near the stabilization of a tripod. So, should you… Continue reading Should I Buy a Monopod?

8 Tips for Purchasing a Tripod

My top two items in use at Acadia National Park: a tripod and a remote shutter release.

“When it comes to tripods, you want one that is stable, light-weight, and inexpensive. You can have any two of these characteristics you want, but never all three.” Besides the camera and lens, the tripod is probably the most significant expenditure you will face in photography. Because of the different ways that people shoot, and… Continue reading 8 Tips for Purchasing a Tripod

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