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Super Simple Flash

If you want to take amazing portraits with complete control over your flash unit, this article is not for you.  That is way beyond what we are going to do here.  Rather, this article is for those that want to “run and gun” with a flash unit (think wedding photographer at the reception).  It is […]

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Preserving Highlights and Shadow Detail (Video)

Dynamic range is a topic that I have discussed here a lot.  The reason for that is that it is really important to the outdoor photographer.  You face the problem of a really bright sky and a dark foreground almost all the time. We’ve talked about dynamic range in the context of the camera, including […]

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Planning Your Milky Way Shot

There is perhaps nothing better than getting a great shot of the Milky Way.  With the Milky Way in your shot, you are almost guaranteed a great photo.  The cluster of stars gives you a ready-made center of interest for any picture.  Plus it is just cool.  And they are fun to take. But if […]

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Getting a Shallow Depth of Field (Video)

Very often, outdoor photography involves the pursuit of pictures that are sharp front to back.  Sometimes, however, you’ll want photos with blurred backgrounds.  This helps isolate your subject, and can look very cool in the right circumstances.  It is common practice (or at least it should be) when it comes to including people and wildlife […]

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Computers for Photographers: What to Look For

If you are considering a new computer, you will want to make sure it can handle your photography needs.  Even if you are content with your current machine, you might like to see how it measures up.  How do you do that, when there are a million models out there?  And if you start looking at […]

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Back Button Focus

Today I would like to introduce you to a change you should make in your focus controls.  This is a change you probably don’t think you need.  Even after I tell you about it, you might not think it terribly useful.  But it is. People I have taught have consistently pointed to this change as […]

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How to Photograph Fireworks

If you haven’t done it before, photographing fireworks might appear difficult. It really isn’t though. As support for that statement, I point you to the image above.  I am pretty happy with it, but I took it many years ago, very early in my photo career, with basic entry-level equipment. So this is definitely something […]

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Applying Focus Techniques

In a prior article, I showed you the mechanics of focus and how to go about using it in your outdoor photography.  In this video, I walk through some pictures to show you how I put those techniques to work in my own photos. Hopefully this gives you some ideas on where to focus in your […]

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Why Not Use Shutter Priority Mode?

When it comes to choosing the mode to use on your camera, the two choices that virtually everyone (myself included) recommends are either Manual mode (M on the mode dial) or Aperture Priority mode (A or Av). The rationale for Manual mode is that, while it is surely the slowest one to set and use, […]

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