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Applying Focus Techniques

In a prior article, I showed you the mechanics of focus and how to go about using it in your outdoor photography.  In this video, I walk through some pictures to show you how I put those techniques to work in my own photos. Hopefully this gives you some ideas on where to focus in your […]

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Why Not Use Shutter Priority Mode?

When it comes to choosing the mode to use on your camera, the two choices that virtually everyone (myself included) recommends are either Manual mode (M on the mode dial) or Aperture Priority mode (A or Av). The rationale for Manual mode is that, while it is surely the slowest one to set and use, […]

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Video: Getting Started Using Curves

Curves adjustment layers in Photoshop are super-powerful. When it comes to adjusting brightness, contrast, and color, there is no more powerful tool. But they can appear complicated and somewhat intimidating.  Let me walk you though a few ways to dip your toe into the waters of Curves through this video: If you’d rather read about […]

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How to Photograph the Moon

Almost everyone’s first attempt at photographing the moon results in disappointment. When you look at your pictures after that first try, the moon inevitably appears like a small white blob in the sky. The question quickly becomes how to avoid that and get a really sharp picture of the moon. Is there a trick to […]

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Banding: How to Avoid It, How to Get Rid of It.

When you have ugly bands of color in your picture, it is referred to as “banding.” It occurs where you have large portions of a single color in your picture, usually a dark color. For the outdoor photographer, that almost always means it occurs in the skies. Since we frequently have skies in our pictures, […]

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Do I Need to Learn Exposure?

You already know I’m going to say “yes”; but I think there is a little more to it than you might expect. I approach questions like this with a degree of caution. The reason is that I’ve seen answers from experts in other contexts go horribly wrong. For example, I’ve always been interested in sailing. […]

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Getting Started With Long Exposure Photography

Once you are in command of the cameras shutter, new worlds are opened up to you as a photographer. Things that are simply not possible for the average snap shooter become possible for you.  You control the action. You control what is blurred and what is sharp. You control the exposure. Shooting with a fast […]

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How to Photograph the Night Sky

So how do you take pictures that capture all the stars in the sky? Is there are particular spot you have to go? Or is there some magic exposure value you have to use? Or perhaps some post processing trick you need to master? Actually, the answer to all those questions is “yes.” Or, at […]

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