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Back Button Focus

Today I would like to introduce you to a change you should make in your focus controls.  This is a change you probably don’t think you need.  Even after I tell you about it, you might not think it terribly useful.  But it is. People I have taught have consistently pointed to this change as […]

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Applying Focus Techniques

In a prior article, I showed you the mechanics of focus and how to go about using it in your outdoor photography.  In this video, I walk through some pictures to show you how I put those techniques to work in my own photos. Hopefully this gives you some ideas on where to focus in your […]

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Why Not Use Shutter Priority Mode?

When it comes to choosing the mode to use on your camera, the two choices that virtually everyone (myself included) recommends are either Manual mode (M on the mode dial) or Aperture Priority mode (A or Av). The rationale for Manual mode is that, while it is surely the slowest one to set and use, […]

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Simplify Your Camera

If you haven’t yet taken the plunge into mastering your camera, you might be surprised at how the process actually simplifies things for you. Doing so, actually makes certain controls irrelevant so you can completely disregard them. Others you will set once and forget about them. In addition, once you understand your camera a little […]

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Exposure Compensation Explained

One of the questions I received recently asked me to explain exposure compensation. In this article, I will answer the 4 essential questions on that subject. What is Exposure Compensation? Exposure compensation is your ability to change the exposure values from something different than what the camera sets for you. Let’s back up to explain […]

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Nail the Exposure With Spot-Metering

You shoot in manual mode.  You know in general how the camera meters light.  You know in general how the metering modes work, including spot-metering.  You understand all of that, but still the question arises: how exactly should you go about metering a scene and setting the proper exposure? In this article I will show […]

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Understanding Focal Length

The world of photography has a measurement to tell you how “zoomed in” or “zoomed out” you are.  It is called “focal lengths” and today I’m going to explain the scale and show you how it works. Why should you take the time to understand this?  There are a couple of reasons: it will help you […]

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