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Composition: What Do You Do When There is No Subject?

  Landscape photographers face a problem that other photographers usually don’t have: deciding on a subject. For example, when a portrait photographer prepares to take a picture, there is no question what’s the subject will be: the person. Similarly, a wildlife photographer always knows what the subject of their photo will be as well: the […]

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A Process for Working the Scene: Sketching

Some photographers never carry a tripod. It slows them down and gets in their way. Other photographers always shoot from a tripod. These photographers usually prefer being slowed down, and are very precise about the pictures they take. If you are one of these types of photographers, this article isn’t for you. Rather, this article […]

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Take the Obvious Shot

Sometimes when we approach a given scene with our camera in our hands there is an obvious shot. You know, that shot of the front of the building. Or the straight on shot of the scene before us. Sometimes we take that shot, but sometimes we don’t. I mean, sometimes that shot is just so […]

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A Framework for Composing Your Pictures

The first part of this series covered the critical importance of composition and the lack of abundant resources for helping you learn it. It also touched upon establishing a process – not all the rules and concepts, but a process – for you to go through in getting started with composing your pictures. That is […]

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The Critical Importance of Composition in Photography

I will start this article by stating my belief that composition is the most important aspect of photography. I don’t think composition is “an” important part of photography.  I think it is “the” most important aspect. It is what we should all spend a disproportionate amount of time thinking about. We Worry About Everything But […]

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Applying the Rule of Thirds

There is probably no rule in photography as well known as the “Rule of Thirds.”  And for good reason.  It serves is a simple yet fundamental principle to use for taking good pictures.  In this article I will explain what it is and show you how to use it.  If you are already familiar with […]

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