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Getting Started With Long Exposure Photography

Once you are in command of the cameras shutter, new worlds are opened up to you as a photographer. Things that are simply not possible for the average snap shooter become possible for you.  You control the action. You control what is blurred and what is sharp. You control the exposure. Shooting with a fast […]

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An Introduction to Black and White Photography

Many photographers wax nostalgic about black and white photography. If you have been around photography for any length of time, then you have almost certainly heard some old photographer carry on about the “timeless look” of black and white pictures. They will also try to justify the lack of color in their image, saying it […]

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Getting Started with Landscape Photography

For people that really enjoy the outdoors, the attraction to landscape photography is probably obvious.  But I have never been a particularly “outdoorsy” person or a great lover of nature.  And I certainly don’t like getting up at dawn. Yet, even for me, there is nothing better than getting out early in some remote location […]

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