Back Button Focus

Today I would like to introduce you to a change you should make in your focus controls.  This is a change you probably don’t think you need.  Even after I tell you about it, you might not think it terribly useful.  But it is. People I have taught have consistently pointed to this change as… Continue reading Back Button Focus

Photographing the Milky Way: A Checklist and Some Resources

In a sense, photographing the Milky Way is easy. Composition is easy since the subject is obviously the Milky Way and you just aim at that. Your choice of lens/focal length is simple because you always shoot with your widest focal length to minimize the movement in the stars. Even your exposure settings are simple because… Continue reading Photographing the Milky Way: A Checklist and Some Resources

The Color of the Sky

We all know the sky during the day is blue. We know that clouds are white (or grey). And we know that the sky can turn different shades of yellow and orange at night. But why? When you are photographing in the outdoors, the sky is such a huge part of your pictures that it… Continue reading The Color of the Sky