White Balance Simplified

Picture with warmer white balance set.

In most areas of photography, it seems that the advice is to go as manual as possible. Manual controls give you better control over your camera and afford you more options and flexibility.  For example: It is best to shoot in a manual mode so that you can control the exposure settings.  Otherwise the camera… Continue reading White Balance Simplified

An Easy ISO strategy

A recent convert to manual mode recently asked about a simple way to think about which ISO to use. There are a lot of things that require mental energy when you are shooting, and the last thing you want to be devoting your brain-space to is the ISO setting.  So here is a way to… Continue reading An Easy ISO strategy

How to Maximize Attraction to Your Photos

Usually the eye starts with the foreground boat on the left, which then points the viewer to the remainder of the picture.

We all have trouble evaluating our own work as others will see it.  As we sit at our computers, we get to the point where we cannot see the forest for the trees.  Not only that, but if we do manage to decide what will attract someone’s eye, we need to decide what to do… Continue reading How to Maximize Attraction to Your Photos

Getting Started with Landscape Photography

For people that really enjoy the outdoors, the attraction to landscape photography is probably obvious.  But I have never been a particularly “outdoorsy” person or a great lover of nature.  And I certainly don’t like getting up at dawn. Yet, even for me, there is nothing better than getting out early in some remote location… Continue reading Getting Started with Landscape Photography

Understanding Aperture & Depth of Field

A low f-number of f/2.8 means a wide aperture and a shallow depth of field.

For beginners, perhaps the best way to dramatically improve your photos is to master depth of field. For example, you can isolate a subject by blurring out the background, which really makes your subject “pop.”  Or you can set a wide depth of field to make the whole picture as sharp as possible.  There are… Continue reading Understanding Aperture & Depth of Field

Mastering Shutter Speed

If you are going to elevate your photography above the level of snapshots, one of the three things you need to master is shutter speed.  This article will show you how to do that. There are two parts to shutter speed; a boring part and a fun part.  The boring part is that a lot of times, you just want… Continue reading Mastering Shutter Speed

The Easy 5 Step Program for Beginning Flash Photography

When you are just starting out with photography the whole flash thing can just seems like a complete mystery.  Sometimes the flash pops up, sometimes it doesn’t.  Sometimes is lights things up, sometimes it doesn’t.  And sometimes it creates a harsh glare.  When I was starting out, I always felt like I was doing something wrong, but the whole thing seemed too… Continue reading The Easy 5 Step Program for Beginning Flash Photography