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The Easy 5 Step Program for Beginning Flash Photography

When you are just starting out with photography the whole flash thing can just seems like a complete mystery.  Sometimes the flash pops up, sometimes it doesn’t.  Sometimes is lights things up, sometimes it doesn’t.  And sometimes it creates a harsh glare.  When I was starting out, I always felt like I was doing something wrong, but the whole thing seemed too […]

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Controlling Exposure

In the last post, I walked you through how a camera exposes a picture.  In this post, I will go through the three controls of exposure: shutter speed, aperture, and ISO. The graphic immediately below should give you the gist of it, and there is more explanation below.  Once you know how each of them […]

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Understanding Exposure: How your Camera Works

Exposure affects much more than just how light or dark your photo is, although it certainly affects that.  The same controls that determine exposure levels also largely control whether the background will be blurred out or in focus.  They also control how much “noise” is in the picture.  And they also determine whether the action will be frozen or […]

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Introducing: The Histogram

You have probably seen a chart like the ones below before.  These charts may appear on your camera LCD after you have taken a photo, like the one on the left.  If you have done any post-processing at all it is commonly displayed there as well.  The chart to the right was displayed in Photoshop. You may have ignored […]

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