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Testing Cheap, Off-Brand Printer Ink

Have you ever seen ads for cheaper off-brand printer ink and wondered if you should try it out? If you are like me you have, but always chickened out. What if the ink is junk, or worse yet messes up my printer? As a result of that fear, I have always scurried back to the safety […]

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Testing the Online Photo Labs (Video)

When you want to have a print made of one of your pictures, you want to be confident you are sending it to the right place.  If you are like me, that means the best quality for the best price – and usually that means a trade-off is to be made. I conducted a test […]

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Finding the Best Online Printing Lab

Do you know which is the best online printing lab for your photos?  I don’t.  Or at least, I didn’t until recently. My guess is that you don’t know either.  And while we all have a lot less prints made than we used to, when it comes time to have a print made, you want […]

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