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Computers for Photographers: What to Look For

If you are considering a new computer, you will want to make sure it can handle your photography needs.  Even if you are content with your current machine, you might like to see how it measures up.  How do you do that, when there are a million models out there?  And if you start looking at […]

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Banding: How to Avoid It, How to Get Rid of It.

When you have ugly bands of color in your picture, it is referred to as “banding.” It occurs where you have large portions of a single color in your picture, usually a dark color. For the outdoor photographer, that almost always means it occurs in the skies. Since we frequently have skies in our pictures, […]

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Raw vs. JPEG: The End of the Debate

If you have been around photography for longer than 20 minutes you have no doubt been exposed to “Raw vs. JPEG” discussions. The issue is which format to use for your digital photos. We’ll start with JPEG, which is a universal file format used by nearly all cameras and computers. Digital cameras adopted this format and […]

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A Simple and Cheap Backup Strategy

Your photos are likely quite precious to you. When you ask most people what thing they would save if their house was on fire, the answer, more often than not, is: “my pictures, since they cannot be replaced.” And yet, the drives on which these photos are saved are destined to failure. If and when they […]

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8-bit vs. 16-bit: What Does It Mean to Me?

You have perhaps heard that JPEGS are 8-bit files, while RAW files are up to 16-bit files.  That gets repeated a lot, and it one of the justifications for encouraging everyone to shoot Raw files. But you may wonder what impact this actually has on our pictures. What does bit-depth even mean? If you’re like […]

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