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Travel Planning for Photographers

I have been spending the last few weeks planning a trip to Paris. It will be a family vacation, and I plan to take plenty of pictures. In addition to the standard family and tourist pictures, I plan to get up early in the morning before my family is up and engage in some serious […]

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The 5 Best Resources for Planning Travel Photos

Vacation time!  Time to pull out the camera! I’m going to give you one tip that will make your travel photos 100% better.  And that tip is: don’t just show up with your camera and photograph whatever you bump into.  Plan a few shots.  Think about some places you want to photograph ahead of time […]

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Books on How to Photograph a Particular Location

When researching locations for photography, first check to see if someone has already done the work for you.  In some cases they have, and they have published a book.  It may be worth the $10-15 to get the benefit of their experience.  I have listed all the books I could find that are currently available below. […]

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