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Getting Started with Photoshop Elements

I use a plug-in called Sensei to host the course, which has worked great. In the last update, however, a “logic bug” was introduced that doesn’t allow you to access the course. Woo Themes (the makers of Sensei) say they have a fix that will come out in the next update, but it might be a few weeks. I am very sorry about this.

In the meantime, YOU CAN STILL SEE THE COURSE! It is hosted on YouTube, so please just go to the Outdoor Photo Academy YouTube channel to access all the course modules. Here is the link:

It won’t be laid out quite as well, but it will work. I apologize for the inconvenience.

A quick-start guide for learning how to edit your photos in Photoshop Elements.

Join me in this series of 5-10 minute videos showing you everything you need to know to get started editing your photos using Photoshop Elements.

The videos are short, simple, and to the point.

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