A Flying Leap into Lightroom

Learn Lightroom in Under an Hour


New to Lightroom?

By now you’ve probably heard a lot about Lightroom, but perhaps you haven’t yet taken the plunge.  Or maybe you have Lightroom but have not yet dedicated the time to learning it.

I have heard from many people who say something like “Oh yeah, I need to sit down and learn how to use Lightroom.”  The assumption is that it is going to take an entire weekend to get up and running.  To be sure, there are many courses and resources out there that do require that kind of time.  But what do you do if you just want to dive in quickly?

That’s why I made these videos.  If you are just getting started with Lightroom and you want to really quick overview of how to get set up and how to use it, this mini-course is for you.  This is a quick series of videos where I will show you exactly how I use Lightroom.  I will walk you through the entire process.  At the end, you’ll be set up in Lightroom, and you will be comfortable that you have a good way to organize your photos.  I will introduce you to the most powerful editing tools in Lightroom. And then I’ll show you how to get your photos from Lightroom to the web or to a print.

And, just in case you are wondering what this will cost you, it is free (and there is no upsell at the end either).

No, we won’t cover every single tool and functionality within Lightroom  (you can do that later if you want).  Rather, this is a high level overview designed to get you up and running in Lightroom in the shortest time possible.  The total running time of all 4 videos combined is under an hour (about 50 minutes).

Lightroom is professional grade software.  Almost every pro and serious amateur photographer I know uses it.  At the same time, it is pretty simple to use.  I can show you just how simple in this mini-course.  So dive in and put the power of Lightroom to work for you!