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Jim Hamel

Thanks for coming by!

I’m Jim and I write for Darlene at Digital Photography School (and now an article for Digital Photo Mentor as a result of the Peru Incident). I’m glad you decided to click through and check out Outdoor Photo Academy. If you love the content from Darlene over at Digital Photo Mentor (and why wouldn’t you?), you might like it over here as well, so I want to tell you what this place is all about.

Like Digital Photo Mentor, this place is designed to give you advice and photography techniques to help make your pictures stand out from the crowd. Over here, however, it is strictly outdoors. If you like landscapes and nature or just walking around a city with your camera, you’ll like this place.

The point of Outdoor Photo Academy is to help you improve your photography in simple, understandable ways. You’ll see articles, videos, examples, and how-to’s with clear and simple steps to help you make striking outdoor photos. I think you’ll find it a good complement to the skills and information you get from Darlene.  So check out a few of the articles. I hope you like them and find them useful.

The best way to get everything Outdoor Photo Academy has to offer is by subscribing.  It costs nothing, and it will get you the newsletter that ensures you see the best content being published. You’ll also get immediate access to my free photography guides.

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Photographer’s Resource Guide
Mirrorless Camera Guide
Photographer’s Guide to Creating an Online Portfolio
The Photographer's Resource Guide 2014 Mirrorless Camera Guide The Photographer's Guide to Creating and Online Portfolio
Want to know the best services available for photographers?  This guide will tell you. It includes the detailed results of the print tests I ran on the online photo labs, as well as many other recommendations. This is the most specific information about mirrorless cameras available anywhere. It includes comparison charts to help you understand the revolution now occurring in digital photography. If you don’t have your own photography website, this guide will get you started.  It is simple and inexpensive to set one up.  If you do one, this will give you some tips to make sure you are getting the maximum benefit.