Introduction to Luminar

Recently, I took the plunge and picked up a copy of Luminar 2018.  I spent some time going through it this weekend.  I thought I would write about my impressions of it for those who are unfamilar with Luminar or who have been considering it but haven’t yet taken the plunge.  This will look like… Continue reading Introduction to Luminar

Photography Gear You Don’t Need

Everyone Talks About the Stuff You Need.  Let’s Talk About What You Don’t. Since the day you became interested in photography, you’ve been inundated with articles, ads, and reviews about all the photography gear you need.  Hint: you don’t need most of it.  Your photography friends probably join in too.  It is a rare outing… Continue reading Photography Gear You Don’t Need

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Why Aren’t My Pictures As Sharp as Professional Photos?

Do you find yourself thinking something like this: “I’m doing everything right in the field, but my pictures just aren’t as sharp as I want.  When I look around at others’ pictures, they are way sharper than mine.  What am I doing wrong?” If so, you are not alone.  I have thought that plenty of… Continue reading Why Aren’t My Pictures As Sharp as Professional Photos?

Which Filters Do I Need?

As photography has advanced, filters become less and less necessary.  The old black and white photographers used a lot of filters.  Now we use very few (and some photographers use none at all).  The only filters I personally use – or that I really think are useful – are Polarizing filters, Neutral Density filters, and Graduated… Continue reading Which Filters Do I Need?

How Much Editing is Too Much?

Unfortunately, there is no answer to this question.  Different people have different ideas on this topic.  Some people want everything to appear natural, and the tipping point for them is when their photos does not.  Others couldn’t care less about that and in fact don’t want their pictures to appear natural.  Neither approach is correct. … Continue reading How Much Editing is Too Much?

Which Photo Editing Software Should I Get?

One question you might have as you start your photographic journey is which photo editing software you should get.  For a long time now, Adobe has been at the top of the chain, with Photoshop and Lightroom dominating the market.  So complete was Adobe’s dominance, that others companies were content to market their software as mere… Continue reading Which Photo Editing Software Should I Get?

Back Button Focus

Today I would like to introduce you to a change you should make in your focus controls.  This is a change you probably don’t think you need.  Even after I tell you about it, you might not think it terribly useful.  But it is. People I have taught have consistently pointed to this change as… Continue reading Back Button Focus

Pier at Puerto Vallarta

  I am writing about this picture because I hope it will inspire you to keep looking when you are pretty sure you are destined for failure. I was down in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. If you haven’t been there, there is a lot of beach with heavy commercial development up and down the coast. This… Continue reading Pier at Puerto Vallarta

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