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Print Test #2: The Roundstone Boat Print

This is the second photo in my print test.  Click here to go to the first photo, or here to move ahead to the third photo.

For the second photo in the print test, I chose this colorful picture of an abandoned boat in a town called Roundstone, which is in County Galway in northwestern Ireland.  Here is the original file I submitted to each of the labs:


First, let’s take a look at scans of all the pictures I received from the photo labs around the original.

Scans of prints received from photo labsWhile these are small images, they are large enough to see some obvious problems with a few of these prints.  The pictures in the top row do not look good.  Specifically, the colors of the AdoramaPix print look terrible, the Snapfish print has too much black in it, and the Shutterfly print is too bright and washed-out.  So we will cross them off the list and consider only the other prints from here.

Now let’s take a closer look at all the remaining prints and see if we can identify any differences or problems with any of them.  Here they are, with the prints on the left and the original file on the right for comparison purposes:


Honestly, even at this level, they all look pretty good to me.  They all look a little dark, but the colors on all of them are very close, and the detail looks good in each.

So let’s zoom in and check out the level of detail.  Here is a zoom of the prints that captures part of the bow of the boat, some grass, and a little sky.

Zoom of the Roundstone prints

Even zoomed in, they all look pretty good.

I have it scored as Pro DPI being a tiny, tiny bit better than the rest in terms of detail.  After that I like WHCC and Mpix, then Nations, and then Bay.  I’m also interested in what you see, so let me know in the comments below.

After that, let’s move on to the third (and final) print.