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Print Test #3: The Telluride Creek Print

This is the third photo in my print test.  You can also go back to the first photo or the second photo.

For the final picture in our print test, I chose a black and white image.  It is a shot of the creek that runs along side the village of Telluride, Colorado.

As with the other tests, I will start just by showing you the original file:

Original file for Telluride Creek print testNext, here are small scans of all the prints:

Small scans of the prints received of the Telluride Creek prints

I’m not sure if it is just harder to judge black and white images, or if the labs are just generally closer together in terms of print quality for black and white prints, but I think these look much better than either of the color pictures.  The only one I hate is the Snapfish print because of the greenish cast.

Although they are really not that bad, I’m going to eliminate Adorama, Shutterfly, and Nations from futher consideration at this point as well.  The Adorama and Nations prints just look a little dark.  The Shutterfly print looks a little washed out in some places.

That leaves us with the usual suspects of Mpix, Bay, Pro DPI, and WHCC.  As we did with the other prints, let’s take a little closer look at them:

Larger versions of the scans of the Telluride Creek printsAll of these still look very good.  I think I slightly prefer the Bay and WHCC versions.  That is largely because the brightness values and overall contrast look closest to the original.

Let’s zoom in on the prints and see what we can make of the level of detail in the prints:

Enlarged portion of Telluride Creek scansThe level of detail in each looks about equal, but the zoomed-in pictures reinforce my preference for the Bay and WHCC versions.  The brightness values look closest to the original.  When I look at the prints, the Pro DPI looks good too.  It doesn’t come across as well in the scanned version.

I score this one WHCC edging out Bay.  Then I have Pro DPI, followed by Mpix.