How to Remove Unwanted Items from Your Pictures

Mastering the Clone Stamp tool.

We all confront the situation where there are people you don’t want in your picture.  Or phone poles and power lines.  Or imperfections in the picture.  We want to get rid of them.

The best way is usually the Clone Stamp tool. In the video below, I will walk you though a real-life scenario I faced in using the Clone Stamp tool.  I needed a picture of the Houses of Parliament with the Westminster Bridge in the foreground.  I had one in my hard-drive, but I never did anything with it because there were a bunch of people and vehicles in the picture.  So I put the Clone Stamp tool to work and got rid of them.

Using the Clone Stamp tool can often be a messy process of trial and error.  That’s what I wanted to get across in this video.  Check out the video and then put it to work in your own pictures.