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Tripod in Use at the Golden GateJust Getting Started?

Are you new to photography? If so, welcome, White Belt! Let’s dive right in and jump start your photography. Here are the initial steps for your journey:

  • First, do you have a camera? You cannot be a photographer without one. Step 1 is to get a camera. If you don’t have one yet, check out my Gear Page to help you pick one. Remember, you don’t need the latest and the greatest camera and lens available to take great pictures. Technique matters much, much more.  But you do need one.
  • Step 3, if you haven’t done it already, is to subscribe so you can get the 3 free guides (The Photographer’s Resource Guide, The Mirrorless Camera Guide (2016 edition), and the Photographer’s Guide to Creating an Online Portfolio). You can do so at the bottom of any page. Subscribing will also get you a discount code you’ll want for the next step.
  • Finally, Step 4 is to read my beginners guide to photography, called Getting Started in Photography (PDF and Kindle versions available). Lest that appear overly self-serving, I give you a discount code when you subscribe that gets you the PDF version of the book for half price ($5.00, and if you didn’t get the code or you lost it, just email me). I wrote that book for beginning photographers, with an eye toward getting you up to speed so you will have a good foundation and understand everything here. It is a quick read too.

Upon completion of these 4 steps, you are officially a Yellow Belt. Congratulations! You are now on your way toward becoming a great photographer. You are also well poised to take advantage of all the content here.

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