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A Visit to B&H

A Quick Video Tour of B&H Photo’s New York City Superstore

I frequently tell others that are interested in photography that they need to visit B&H Photo’s store in New York City. I personally do not go anywhere near New York without visiting it.  Why? Well, start with the fact that this has to be the world’s largest photography store. I don’t actually know that to be the case, but I cannot imaging there is one larger than B&H.

But that’s not all. There are other aspects of this place that make it really interesting:

  • B&H is run by Hasidic Jews. Perhaps if you live in New York, you are used to seeing people dress and wear their hair/beards like this, but we don’t see them much in Texas. The people-watching alone is interesting. Speaking of their Jewish faith, do not try to go Friday evening or on Saturday – the store will be closed (as will the website!)
  • The mechanization employed by this place is crazy. I included a few shots of the conveyor system they use to get the product from the sales person down to the checkout lines (you don’t get to take it with you – you receive your product after you pay for it).
  • And, like I already said, it is huge. They have everything imaginable related to photography.

Rather than go on and on about it, I decided to try to show you. I took some video where I was there this year. Here is my quick video tour of B&H (running time of approximately 2 minutes):

Going to the B&H store is especially great if you want to buy something like a tripod or a camera bag. In other words, it is nice to be able to hold different models in your hand and see how they feel. For example, your in-town camera shop may have 20-30 tripods if you are lucky. B&H has hundreds.


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