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Westminster Bridge: Streaking Lights

This photo was taken on Westminster Bridge in London. You’ve probably seen plenty of these, and I have too, but I never get tired of them.  You can do these sorts of shots anywhere.  Since it is nighttime you don’t have to hope for the perfect light.  You just set up with a good background and then […]

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Introducing: The Histogram

You have probably seen a chart like the ones below before.  These charts may appear on your camera LCD after you have taken a photo, like the one on the left.  If you have done any post-processing at all it is commonly displayed there as well.  The chart to the right was displayed in Photoshop. You may have ignored […]

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The First Thing to Look at When Buying a Digital Camera

No, it is not the number of megapixels.  Although that is important. Camera manufacturers have long understood that people look at megapixels first, and they have occasionally been guilty of cramming a bunch of megapixels in a camera without regard to other factors, including the one I want to talk about.  The result was cameras with lots of […]

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Which Lens to Buy

Most experts will tell you to put your money into your lenses rather than your camera.  And that’s true.  They don’t become obsolete.  They have a great effect on image quality.  They even hold their value. But the top lenses can cost upwards of $2,500, and that’s just for wide and mid-range lenses.  The long […]

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