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Preserving Highlights and Shadow Detail (Video)

Dynamic range is a topic that I have discussed here a lot.  The reason for that is that it is really important to the outdoor photographer.  You face the problem of a really bright sky and a dark foreground almost all the time. We’ve talked about dynamic range in the context of the camera, including […]

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Uncompromising HDR

After using different kinds of HDR software over the years, I found that they all have certain strengths and weaknesses. Some of the software tends to produce a certain look in the picture, which I might not want. I have also found that how well the software performs varies from picture to picture. I might love the […]

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Solving Dynamic Range Problems In-Camera: The Graduated Neutral Density Filter

Other articles have addressed the common problem of the limited dynamic range of your camera and how to deal with it. This is a pervasive problem in outdoor photography because the sky is almost always brighter than the ground. The sun creates harsh shadows and contrasts. Your camera cannot handle the difference in tones. Other articles have […]

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Lightroom HDR

If you already have Lightroom and you are not going to buy any other HDR software, you can still apply some HDR processing to your photos. Lightroom has a built in HDR feature. It is not talked about much because: it is not very good, and you have little control over the result. In fact, […]

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Creating Realistic HDR Photos Using Photoshop

You should not overlook using Photoshop to create HDR photos. First of all, it is software you likely already have,so it costs you nothing. Further, it does a really good job of tone mapping your pictures. In fact, perhaps the most realistic HDR photos are created using Photoshop. Tone mapping with Photoshop is extremely simple. […]

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An Introduction to HDR

Photographers have long struggled with how to include a broader range of tones in their photography. It has always been a huge issue – even going back to the film days – because the range of tones a camera can capture is much more limited than what our eye sees. We may see detail in […]

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