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Planning Your Milky Way Shot

There is perhaps nothing better than getting a great shot of the Milky Way.  With the Milky Way in your shot, you are almost guaranteed a great photo.  The cluster of stars gives you a ready-made center of interest for any picture.  Plus it is just cool.  And they are fun to take. But if […]

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How to Photograph Fireworks

If you haven’t done it before, photographing fireworks might appear difficult. It really isn’t though. As support for that statement, I point you to the image above.  I am pretty happy with it, but I took it many years ago, very early in my photo career, with basic entry-level equipment. So this is definitely something […]

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How to Photograph the Moon

Almost everyone’s first attempt at photographing the moon results in disappointment. When you look at your pictures after that first try, the moon inevitably appears like a small white blob in the sky. The question quickly becomes how to avoid that and get a really sharp picture of the moon. Is there a trick to […]

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How to Photograph the Night Sky

So how do you take pictures that capture all the stars in the sky? Is there are particular spot you have to go? Or is there some magic exposure value you have to use? Or perhaps some post processing trick you need to master? Actually, the answer to all those questions is “yes.” Or, at […]

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Getting Started with Night Photography

  Night photography immediately solves a huge problem that you confront constantly in photography. That problem is being faced with boring, ordinary scenes. If you take a picture of a building or a standard street scene during the day . . .  boring. Yawn. But that same scene at night can be a great and […]

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