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All About Neutral Density Filters (Video)

If you are not familiar with neutral density filters, I can promise you that adding one to your arsenal will dramatically impact your photography.  It puts you in control of the water, whether that is the waves of an ocean, currents in a creek, or the appearance of a downtown fountain.  It also allows you […]

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The Secrets of Golden Hour Photography

Today we have a guest post by Max Therry.  He’s an architect with an art school background who is now devoting more of his life to photography.  Check out his work over at Photo Geeky. The golden hour is not only one of the most beautiful times of the day, it’s the absolute best time […]

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8 Travel Experiences You Don’t Want to Miss

This week we have a guest post by Dr. Summit Shah from Columbus, Ohio.  He specializes in travel photography and you can check out his work at The Traveling Experience Traveling is a once in a lifetime experience, and there are amazing places throughout the world to visit. The differences in cultures, architecture, people, […]

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How to Take Great Shots in the Winter

This week we have a guest post from John Stuart. He works on behalf of in outreach and content creation. He creates engaging content that help businesses connect with their audience and stand out from the crowd. Winter may not be the best season for outdoor photo-shootings. Harsh weather conditions, poor light, white everywhere . […]

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My Take: 5 Mistakes of Beginning Landscape Photographers

Whenever I see an article on the “top mistakes” of photographers, try as I might I cannot avoid reading it. Something in me just wants to make sure I’m not committing some grievous error.  I never am, but at the same time they do offer some opportunities for learning what other photographers think is important and […]

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Fred Adams

This month’s “Top Tip from the Top Photographers,” features a photo called Across to Applecross by London-based photographer Fred Adams. This photo caught my eye sitting at the top of the landscape category with a score of 99.4.   I then viewed the rest of Fred’s work and he had some really good stuff.  He was kind enough […]

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The Photographer’s Resource Guide

Great photography isn’t all about just walking around with a camera. Sometimes you need to buy photography stuff.  Sometimes you need to know where to go to learn something.  Sometimes you need something done for you. It isn’t always obvious where to go for photography items and information.  You could spend the next year researching […]

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Top 5 Photography Podcasts

If you find yourself getting interested in photography, and you have a commute or some down-time in your day, you might want to listen to a podcast about photography.  In this post, I will introduce you to some of the better podcasts for those just getting started. (more…)

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