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Outdoor Photo Academy has enough articles about Exposure that it makes sense to create a separate home for them.  So here it is.

First, here is a quick rundown of the “core” articles covering Exposure:

Working through these articles will give you a fairly complete understanding of how your camera exposes pictures and how you can control the process.

If you are wondering whether and how much to learn exposure, check out this article.

I have a few more articles and videos covering this content as well. So below is the complete list of all exposure articles are videos along with some quick explanations.

Camera exposure diagram with sensor shutter & apertureUnderstanding Exposure – How Your Camera Works

This article is the beginning of the “Exposure Series,” with an explanation and diagrams showing you how your camera exposes pictures. It is a necessary first step to putting you in control of the camera’s three exposure controls. This article shows you why they are important and what they control.



Exposure triangleControlling Exposure

Now we get to how those three exposure controls actually control exposure. This article shows you how shutter speed, aperture, and ISO control exposure, and how to use them creatively.



Shutter Speed DiagramMastering Shutter Speed

The next three articles take a closer look at each of the three exposure controls. This article shows you how to use shutter speed to properly expose pictures and also to achieve creative effects.



AperturesUnderstanding Aperture and Depth of Field

Aperture and depth of field are one of the most mysterious and confusing topics for the beginning photographer. Be confused no more! This article shows you how to use the camera’s aperture to properly exposure your pictures and also take control of the depth of field of our photos.




Kodak filmUnderstanding and Using ISO to Get Great Photos

One of the top 5 blessings of digital photography – as opposed to film – is that you can change the camera’s ISO setting after each picture (if you want). In the film days, you bought a roll of film at a particular ISO and you were stuck with it. In this article, I help you learn how to maximize this blessing. See how you can use the camera’s ISO setting to properly expose your pictures and avoid digital noise.


Outdoor Photo Academy - Video ScreensMastering Your Camera’s Exposure Controls

A video demonstration of the exposure controls in action.




Exposure compensation example

Exposure Compensation Explained

If you do not shoot in Manual mode, there is still a way to take complete control over the exposure settings on your camera. It is called Exposure Compensation. In this article, I explain what it is and how to do it.



Exposure scenario :: sunsetExposure Scenarios

Ready to put your exposure knowledge to the test? Here are five specific scenarios you will commonly face in outdoor photography and how to set exposure in those scenarios. See how you’d expose these scenarios and then check out my answer.