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Canon 70DEverything You Might Want to Know About Cameras

These are articles on subjects you might be pondering when considering purchasing a digital camera. It is good to know what is important and what is not. It is also nice to understand how your camera works a little bit. If you want to dive under the hood a little bit, check these out. These should help you choose the right camera next time you pull the trigger on one.


Lens with focal lengthsChoosing a Lens

Different lenses excel at different things. The beauty of DSLRs and Mirrorless Cameras is that you can use whatever lens you want. If you are like most photographers, you will end up with several. At the same time, quality lenses can be very expensive. So when it is time to buy a lens, check out these articles to make sure you are getting the right one for the job.


Grad ND filter squareFilters

Photographers of old needed red filters, green filters, yellow filters . . . and the list goes on. The days of needing a lot of filters in photography are pretty much over. That said, there are still a few filters you will need. They will control the amount and direction of the light coming into your camera and let you achieve effects not otherwise possible. Here is what you need to know to about those few filters you will need.


Camera on tripodTripods and Monopods

Besides the camera and lens, a tripod is probably the thing you will spend the most money on. Getting the right one is critical to avoiding blur in your photos. At the same time, you don’t want one that is too heavy to carry or that costs more than your camera (some do). So here is what you need to know to pick the best way to support your camera and lenses.



Most of us in the outdoor photography world refer to ourselves as “natural light photographers.” That said, there will be times and places where you need to bring your own light. If you are photographing people, that time will be quite often. If you would like to dabble in speedlights or battery powered strobes, here are some choices for doing so without breaking the bank.


Photoshop boxSoftware

If you have seen a picture that you particularly liked in a magazine or online gallery, it was processed. That’s just the way it is. We all want to get the best pictures we can when we are taking them, but that doesn’t mean they cannot be improved. We do that with post-processing software, most of which is centered around Photoshop and Lightroom (both by Adobe). To help you choose the right post-processing software, check out these articles.



The future is here: we now have flying cameras! You may think they are too complicated or too difficult to fly. They aren’t. Each version gets simpler and easier to use. They even have collision avoidance features now. And the cameras on them just keep getting better and better. If you have been wondering about drones, here are a few articles to get you started.