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Create Stunning Photos Using Lightroom

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You can do more to improve your photos using Lightroom than you can from any camera or lens upgrade. So before you rush out and spend thousands of dollars in your quest for better pictures, take the time improve your pictures using Lightroom.

With most things, you have a trade off between simplicity and power. Not so with Lightroom. It is easy to use – for the most part you just dragging sliders up and down. But at the same time this is what the vast majority of professional photographers are using. I will show you how to unleash that power – but also keep it simple.

You can improve the sharpness, color, texture of your photos to an incredible degree. You just have to know what you are doing. That’s what I will do in this course.

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What You Will Learn

We’ll cover every aspect of Lightroom in this course.  First, I will show you the tools Lightroom has for organizing your photos.  Lightroom excels in this area, and you’ll never spend time hunting for photos again.

Next, I’ll then walk you through the powerful tools for editing your photos.   This is where you’ll learn to transform your photos from ordinary to something special.  After you learn how to use all the tools Lightroom has to offer, I’ll show you actual start to finish examples.  That way you’ll see exactly how you can use these tools on your own pictures.

Finally, I will introduce you to the things you can do with your photos when you are done, whether that be a print, digital display, or a book or slideshow.

Why This Lightroom Course?

Sure, you could cobble together an understanding of Lightroom through various YouTube videos and articles about Lightroom.  And there are other courses out there.  My idea is that it will be better for you to learn Lightroom from one perspective using the simple but effective teaching style you have gotten familiar with on this site (or my other courses, if you have taken any of them).  This class consists of 30 videos broken down into easy to swallow steps.  Here are some of the key features:

  • Focuses on what is important. I won’t spend time dwelling on nuances that won’t ultimately matter.  I spend the most time where you’ll get the most payoff to your pictures.
  • Easy to follow.  If you have seen any of my other courses or taken my classes, you know I keep things simple.  You won’t be left behind in this course.
  • Examples.  In addition to introducing you to the tools, we’ll walk through some start-to-finish examples so you can see everything in action.  You’ll see exactly how I use Lightroom on my own pictures.
  • The course is modular so you can go to the parts that are important to you.  Skip around if you want, or watch the whole thing in order.  It is up to you.
  • A start to finish solution.  We’ll cover every part of Lightroom.

You will have unlimited access to this course.  You can watch at your own pace.  Binge watch them or stretch the whole thing out over months.  It is up to you.

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More Than Just a Video Course

The 30 videos that make up this course are just the beginning!

This is just the core class, and I am adding additional bonus videos to answer all sorts of questions and show you additional tips and techniques.  I have already created a few, which you can see if you go to the video page.  We’ll delve into lots of other interesting topics and I’ll be showing you lots of additional examples.  This will evolve and grow to keep you current and expand your skills.

In addition, you can submit any questions you have, and I will answer them.  Just email me if you are a subscriber or use the contact form for this site.  In fact, if your question is something that might help others, I will create a new bonus video.  In that way, you can tailor this to your unique style and situation.

After you master the core features, you’ll be able to take Lightroom in all sorts of different directions!

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Additional Download

One more thing – which is included in the course and you can have for free in any event – and that is my listing of the most important keyboard shortcuts in Lightroom.  Just click here to download it.  Even if you don’t take the course, consider it my gift to you for checking it out.

Just the Facts

  • Course:  Creating Stunning Photos Using Lightroom
  • Author: Jim Hamel
  • Length: 4 hours, 17 minutes (core class)
  • Videos: 30 (and counting)
  • Lightroom Version: Lightroom Classic (not Lightroom CC, although you will know everything you need to know about using Lightroom CC after taking this course)
  • Level: Beginner and Intermediate
  • Host:   Vimeo

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Still have questions?  Check out this Q&A page.  Or use the Contact form to send me a message.