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Mirrorless Camera Guide

Mirrorless cameras, in all probability, represent the future of photography. They are smaller, lighter, and cheaper than traditional DSLRs. In the last few years, there have been serious upgrades to image quality. You can now take pictures with them that are every bit as good as even the top DSLRs.

If you have been around cameras and photography the last few years, you are probably familiar with some of these statements. The photography world is abuzz at the “mirrorless revolution.” Should you ditch the DSLR and “go mirrorless”? How do you know if this talk is the real deal or mere puffery from those paid to sell you cameras?

And if you are brand new to photography, how do you learn about these new mirrorless cameras without being “sold”? How do you learn the difference between these cameras and a compact camera? Or the real differences between these and the DSLRs that have traditionally been used by serious photographers?

In any case, how do you campare all these models that are available now? There is a lot to learn and stay on top of.

The answer to all these questions is to check out my new Mirrorless Camera Guide.


If you are new to the concept of mirrorless cameras, this guide will explain them to you. It will also show you how they compare to other alternatives in the camera market, such as compact cameras or DSLR. If you are already familiar with mirrorless cameras but just want to see how the particular models compare, I have all sorts of data for you.  There are charts comparing the features, specifications, and testing results. It compares mirrorless cameras, and it also compares mirrorless cameras to their DSLR counterparts.

There is more information on mirrorless cameras in this guide than you will find anywhere else. It has been updated to include the latest models (as of the spring of 2016).

I know those claims make it sound like I’m about to try to sell you something, but I’m not. That’s the best part of all, the Mirrorless Camera Guide is free to subscribers of Outdoor Photo Academy. It is my way of saying thank you for hanging around here. So, if you are already a subscriber just click on the Guides page (if you haven’t bookmarked it, the link is at the bottom of every email newsletter you get from me).

If you are not yet a subscriber, just provide your email below. You will get instant access to this guide as well as my Photographer’s Resource Guide and Guide to Creating an Online Portfolio. It costs nothing, I won’t spam you, and I’ll never give away your address.