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About Outdoor Photo Academy

Let’s Keep This Simple, Practical, and Fun

So you want to take better pictures, but you are struggling to find the help you need to improve.Jim Hamel

Here’s the deal. Getting bogged down in endless detail about camera specs and lens optics isn’t the answer. Vague and mushy advice about creativity probably won’t help either. And you already know wasting more money on gear is not the answer.

You want simple steps for improvement. You want some practical advice that will help you take your photography to the next level. You want to learn to take professional quality pictures, while remembering that this is supposed to be fun.

Well, that’s what Outdoor Photo Academy is all about!

Let Me Show You

I created this website to help people take great photographs of their world. I will help you get great shots of your trips, your family, and the world around you.

I took this on because I felt like I could make a simpler and more understandable resource for people to improve their photography. My prior experience distilling complicated business disputes into understandable stories helped me develop a knack for making things simple and concise. In recent years, I’ve spent a ton of time learning about photography, taking pictures, and writing about ways you can improve. All this has helped me prepare simple, understandable tutorials for improving your photography.

A Different Approach

Jim Hamel

Me at the Grand Canyon (my daughter Hannah took this)

Look, I have been through the process of not knowing where to start or what to do to improve your photography. It is frustrating. I’ve been around the web looking for information to help me get better, only to get suckered in by headlines that offered the moon but gave little substance or were overly technical. Instead, let’s try it this way –

  • Rather than conducting a fruitless search to “find creativity,” let me show you practical steps to improve your photography (which will then necessarily result in the creativity you want).
  • Rather than wade through technical details without knowing what is important, let me show you high-impact ways to improve your photos now.
  • Rather than waste money on more gear that won’t help you, let me show you the best “bang for the buck” items and how to get the most out of what you already own.

I can save you a lot of time, wasted shots, and lost memories as you learn to take better photos. I will also help you master more advanced techniques to make your photos really pop.

Ready to roll?

Get the Free Guides!

To get started, and start receiving the simple, understandable techniques for improving your photographs today, just sign up. It’s free. You won’t be bombarded with a bunch of ads. I’ll send you a series of emails over the first week or two to get you started, and after that I will send you a newsletter every few weeks pointing you to the best parts of Outdoor Photo Academy. You’ll also get my 3 photography guides (the Photographer’s Resource Guide, the Mirrorless Camera Guide, and The Photographer’s Guide to Creating an Online Portfolio) immediately for free!

So climb aboard, and let’s see where your photography can go from here!

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Wanna Know More?

Hopefully this quick overview has given you a flavor of what this place is all about. But if you want more info about me, this site, and my approach just Click Here.