Picking a Tripod (Video)

Most of the advice you hear in the photography world tends to push you into buying a super-expensive tripod.  Usually that means spending $1000 or more.  That seems excessive to me, and I think you can get an excellent tripod that will suit all your needs for much less.  I recommend something in the range… Continue reading Picking a Tripod (Video)

Introduction to Luminar

Recently, I took the plunge and picked up a copy of Luminar 2018.  I spent some time going through it this weekend.  I thought I would write about my impressions of it for those who are unfamilar with Luminar or who have been considering it but haven’t yet taken the plunge.  This will look like… Continue reading Introduction to Luminar

Photography Gear You Don’t Need

Everyone Talks About the Stuff You Need.  Let’s Talk About What You Don’t. Since the day you became interested in photography, you’ve been inundated with articles, ads, and reviews about all the photography gear you need.  Hint: you don’t need most of it.  Your photography friends probably join in too.  It is a rare outing… Continue reading Photography Gear You Don’t Need

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Which Filters Do I Need?

As photography has advanced, filters become less and less necessary.  The old black and white photographers used a lot of filters.  Now we use very few (and some photographers use none at all).  The only filters I personally use – or that I really think are useful – are Polarizing filters, Neutral Density filters, and Graduated… Continue reading Which Filters Do I Need?

Introducing Lightroom Classic (and what Adobe’s changes mean for you)

The photography world was atwitter this week following an announcement by Adobe regarding changes to Lightroom.  If you are catching wind of any of it, you may have questions about what is going on (people tend to get pretty riled up when Adobe makes changes to Photoshop or Lightroom).  Here is what you need to… Continue reading Introducing Lightroom Classic (and what Adobe’s changes mean for you)

Drones: The Best New Tool for Outdoor Photography?

A shot from my DJI Phantom 3 Advanced taken on a prior trip to Ireland.

I just returned from Ireland, where I spent two weeks photographing the countryside and coastline. While I was there, I had something of a revelation. I realized that, if I was forced to choose between bringing only my trusty DSLR or my drone, I’d choose the drone. That surprised me. I never planned on getting… Continue reading Drones: The Best New Tool for Outdoor Photography?

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