Which Filters Do I Need?

As photography has advanced, filters become less and less necessary.  The old black and white photographers used a lot of filters.  Now we use very few (and some photographers use none at all).  The only filters I personally use – or that I really think are useful – are Polarizing filters, Neutral Density filters, and Graduated… Continue reading Which Filters Do I Need?

Buying a Graduated Neutral Density Filter

Elsewhere, we have covered how to deal with extreme dynamic range problems in outdoor photography. We have looked at solutions involving post-processing and even spent some time on HDR techniques. But what if there was a way to deal with the problem of dynamic range in-camera? Turns out, there is. It is called the graduated neutral density filter… Continue reading Buying a Graduated Neutral Density Filter

All About Polarizing Filters

These pictures were taken a few seconds apart. The photo on the left was taken with a polarizing filter; the photo on the right without.

You need very few filters in modern digital photography. One you should get, however, is a polarizing filter. Why? They just make your photos look a lot better coming out of the camera in many situations. They are a simple way to: make the skies in your pictures a deeper, richer blue make certain colors in… Continue reading All About Polarizing Filters