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Output Sharpening Made Easy

The sharpening process is divided into three parts. First, you will do something called input sharpening, which is where you add a little sharpening to compensate for the inherent fuzziness of RAW digital capture. Next, you will apply sharpening to key areas of your photo to make them stand out. Finally, the third step is […]

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Understanding Input Sharpening

The sharpening process is broken down into three parts and this series will cover all three. In this first part, called Input Sharpening, you eliminate the inherent softness of a RAW file. The second part is called Creative Sharpening, and it is where you sharpen the picture to enhance it and draw the viewer’s eye […]

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A Simple Rule to Guarantee Sharp Photos

If you want to guarantee sharp photos, I propose that you always make sure your hand-held photos are shot with a shutter speed that is double your focal length. Let me explain. Most sharpness problems with your photos are not because your lens isn’t good enough. It usually isn’t because of a bad focus or aperture […]

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Q&A: How to Get Sharper Photos

I received a question from a reader about how to make his photos sharper, which I think might apply to a lot of people. With his permission, here is his question and my response: Jim, I am enjoying your interesting and helpful articles on outdoor photography.  I am shooting a Canon 30D and enjoy using my […]

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10 Keys to Successful Tripod Use

Using a tripod opens up a world of possibilities.  It allows you to use slower shutter speeds than you would otherwise be able to use.  You can blur out the water in waves or waterfalls.  You can create star trails.  Or you can just make sure your shot is tack sharp. But to do so, […]

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