Why Aren’t My Pictures As Sharp as Professional Photos?

Do you find yourself thinking something like this: “I’m doing everything right in the field, but my pictures just aren’t as sharp as I want.  When I look around at others’ pictures, they are way sharper than mine.  What am I doing wrong?” If so, you are not alone.  I have thought that plenty of… Continue reading Why Aren’t My Pictures As Sharp as Professional Photos?

Output Sharpening Made Easy

The sharpening process is divided into three parts. First, you will do something called input sharpening, which is where you add a little sharpening to compensate for the inherent fuzziness of RAW digital capture. Next, you will apply sharpening to key areas of your photo to make them stand out. Finally, the third step is… Continue reading Output Sharpening Made Easy

Q&A: How to Get Sharper Photos

On the left is the original picture (cropped) to see the hawk better. To the right is the photo with some processing to make the hawk stand out.

I received a question from a reader about how to make his photos sharper, which I think might apply to a lot of people. With his permission, here is his question and my response: Jim, I am enjoying your interesting and helpful articles on outdoor photography.  I am shooting a Canon 30D and enjoy using my… Continue reading Q&A: How to Get Sharper Photos